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Posts published by “Lola Olson”

Genderqueer students struggle to fit into women’s college environment

Sophomore Jules Shendelman goes to Mills College, is genderqueer, and identifies as the pronoun "he." In a school that promotes "strong women, proud women, all women, Mills women," where does that leave genderqueer people like Shendelman?

"On the whole I would say Mills is not a comfortable place for trans people and does not make any attempt to include them," Shendelman said.

Graduation robes should be borrowed

The combination of the cost of graduation regalia and the constant plea from my own class for monetary donations is a bit like Mills shooting itself in the foot.

My main beef is with the cost of the regalia. And yes, I admit: $83 is not the biggest fee.

Suspect Found On Campus Tuesday

A suspicious person was reported on campus on Tuesday afternoon. Rumors circulated on campus between faculty and students that the suspect had been in Carnegie Hall looking through financial aid files, by the Natural Sciences Building talking to students, or stealing a purse.

College contemplates purchase of new shuttle vehicle

On Tueesday, Mar. 3, students waiting for the Mills van in the afternoon were met with a large surprise.

Instead of the regular 12-16 seat van, a 30 passenger white van arrived at the shuttle stop.

This van may replace one of the current Mills vans.

In the past, the Mills shuttles sometimes filled too quickly, leaving some students without transportation.

Student agrees with need for communication

Learning about faultlines the same way Daniella Pineda did, I understand exactly what she was talking about and I want to echo her sentiment with a message to all Mills women with my own personal insight as to how some white folks may feel about race discussions on campus.

Healthy eating proves a challenge

An eight year old boy named Zach grasps his stomach with his hands. This is not the first time his stomach has been bothering him. His mother, Mills College junior Bathsheva Gladstone, kept him from school trying to determine the culprit of his stomach woes.

Don’t mix fashion with politics

Whether the topic is Hillary Clinton's pantsuits, Sarah Palin's wardrobe costs, or Michelle Obama's dress, no woman in politics can really escape a media focus on their fashion choices, and Michelle Obama's wardrobe has particularly been shoved into the media limelight.