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QUIZ: Which Tea Shop menu item are you?

Take this highly unscientific quiz and find out which beloved offering from the Mills Tea Shop might suit your personality best!

  1. Which kind of joke do you tell most often?
  1. Puns! Laughter is rewarding, true, but groans are even better.
  2. The extra witty kind that needs context to really explain why it’s funny.
  3. Roasting the person I’m talking to until they’re burned to a crisp.

2. You want to dress to feel your very best. What are you putting on?

  1. As much black as possible. I’m a Goth. Or at least I aspire to be…
  2. The fanciest thing I can get away with! Anyone who says I’m overdressed just feels threatened by my superior sense of style.
  3. The comfiest thing I have. And I have a lot of comfy things.

3. Which color scheme are you using to decorate your room?

  1. The brighter the better!
  2. Pastels, all the way.
  3. Nice, neutral shades, like cream and taupe.

4. Which slogan are you most likely to wear on a piece of clothing?

  1. “Enemy of the state”
  2. “Hot girl summer”
  3. “TGIF (Thank God I Fish)”

5. Pick one of these three “P-words.”

  1. Podcasts
  2. Poetry 
  3. Pinball

6. Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

  1. Extrovert
  2. Introvert
  3. I’m not sure I would describe myself as either? In fact, I’m kind of unsure about the ways we categorize people in general, as a society—

Now tally up your results!

Mostly ones:

You are a grilled cheese! You’re fun-loving, free-spirited and full of energy, but also ultra-dependable, especially in a crisis. People know they can call you when the chips are down or when they want to go on a last-minute adventure. Anyone who has you as a friend should thank their lucky stars.

Mostly twos:

You are tiramisu! On first acquaintance, people tend to describe you as “quiet” or “shy,” but with time they learn that there’s so much more to you: your kind heart, your big dreams, your impeccable taste in everything. Even those who’ve known you for years are constantly discovering new things about you (and new reasons to love you). 

Mostly threes:

You are chicken tenders (or Gardein nuggets, if you’d rather eat those)! You’re often running a little behind schedule, but you’re worth the wait; you become the life of the party the second you show up. You’re at your best in a big group of people, making everyone around you happy just to be there. (But you should still take time to yourself to rest and recharge!)

A pretty even mix of answers, actually:

You are one of the ice cream options in the fridge! You’re a multifaceted jewel of a person, complex and occasionally mysterious. (Do I sense some Gemini in your chart?) Although different people in your life might describe you in very different ways, it’s widely agreed that you’re pretty cool, very sweet and a great person to hang out with on a Friday night.