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Graduation robes should be borrowed

The combination of the cost of graduation regalia and the constant plea from my own class for monetary donations is a bit like Mills shooting itself in the foot.

My main beef is with the cost of the regalia. And yes, I admit: $83 is not the biggest fee. But I think that it’s a bit ridiculous that each new graduating class purchases regalia. While this may be a popular move by many a college, I feel like this is an area where Mills could be different.

I propose that sets of nicer regalia, especially made of a more ventilated material (I heard graduation will be a sweaty affair), be purchased, reused, and washed as needed. Graduating students could stitch their own names inside of the robes in thread of their class color. It would create a unique tradition and help enviornmental sustainability.

And if people wanted to take pictures in their regalia back at home, they could mail them back. We could even don our robes in the yearbook senior pictures. There are plenty of options.

The Robe Bank is not large enough to provide regalia for everyone who can’t afford them. Those with economic troubles should not be placed in such a position.

At the least, the proceeds from regalia should go to the senior class. While I would really love to have senior class shirts or bags, I can’t afford both.

If the senior class sold them, the school could benefit. The bookstore gets enough money from expensive text books and last minute buys.

I hope the administration considers this option and makes a change in the future. I will personally promise that, when I’m a successful alumna, using my degree to the fullest potential, I’ll be more than happy to donate more than just $83 to this cause.

– Lola Olson, senior