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Suspect Found On Campus Tuesday

A suspicious person was reported on campus on Tuesday afternoon. Rumors circulated on campus between faculty and students that the suspect had been in Carnegie Hall looking through financial aid files, by the Natural Sciences Building talking to students, or stealing a purse.

Assistant Director of Public Safety, Niviece Robinson cleared up the rumors, citing two specific incidents. “There was a suspicious person seen on campus Tuesday,” Robinson said also citing that a purse had gone missing the same day. Robinson denied the rumor that the person had been looking through financial aid files in Carnegie Hall. The suspect was not caught.

The second incident happened on Thursday. A local juvenile also came onto campus, and was escorted away by police due to truancy. Robinson suspected people on campus must have confused the two incidents.

“Right now we’re encouraging people to be more aware,” Robinson said, asking students to not leave doors open for a long period of time and lock up their purses. “Some people know our schedules better than we do so they know we’re shutting down buildings for Spring Break and people are in a hurry.”

More details to follow soon.