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Posts published by “APER”

Compiled of all the posts contributed by the Athletics, Physical Education and Recreation Department at Mills College.

Cyclones of the Week

Connie Lee and Gabriella Amberchan are this week's cyclones of the week.

Cyclones of the Week

Check out this week's Cyclones of the week, featuring Kate Smith and Cindy Nguyen-Pham!

Cyclones of the Week

Soccer players Ashley Crespin and Tayla Muise are this week's cyclones of the week.

Cyclone of the Week

The first Cyclone of the Week for Fall 2014 is senior Brittany Docherty, a strong and dedicated volleyball player.

Cyclone of the Week: Alessandra Cuenco

This Cyclone of the Week is first-year nursing student, Alessandra Cuenco, who stepped up to the challenge and pushed past her comfort zone.