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Cyclone of the Week: Amanda Ridley

Amanda Ridley. (Photo by Kurt Loeffler)
Amanda Ridley. (Photo by Kurt Loeffler)

Cyclone of the week honors go to junior rower, Amanda Ridley. She has worked incredibly hard all season and has seen her efforts pay off with PR’s in both her two mile run and 2K erg times. At the Blue Heron Redwood Sprints Re- gatta last weekend, she moved up to the seven seat in the Varsity 8+ boat. The boat performed very well, closing their margin on Humboldt State University by 14 seconds from their prior race three weeks ago. Off the water, Ridley is a great morale booster for the whole team and a great team player.

Congratulations, Amanda!

Cyclone of the week is provided by APER’s Allie Fox.