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Campanil makes new year’s resolutions, hopes College will do the same

With every new year comes the chance to start fresh and reflect on past successes and challenges. 2009 brings a new U.S. president, a new semester, and for The Campanil, a new management team. In the spirit of change, we've compiled a set of goals to better serve our readership.

President, trustees and faculty fail to illustrate leadership

Throughout its history, Mills College has advertised its ability to create socially responsible leaders who affect change. Unfortunately, there are few on campus today who actually do.

The expeditious cancellation of the Women's Leadership Institute, the probable firing of Daphne Muse, and demotion of Business School Dean Nancy Thornborrow illustrate a failure of leadership on several levels.

Home-made holiday gifts

Homemade Mental Health:

These are simple gifts that are perfect for college students.

The Stress Ball:

Squeeze these malleable balls and your tensions melt away. Give your friends and family the same feeling for almost no cost.

All you need is a balloon and flour.

Holiday Reading

In a few short days, finals will be over - no more tests to finish, no more papers to write and especiallyno more long reading assignments. We at The Campanil, along with probably many other students, grow accustomed to doing insane amounts of reading during the semester, but what do we have to read over break? Here's a few book suggestions from editors, staff and fellow students - some classics, some new novels and something for just about everybody.

The Campanil’s guide to a Mills Thanksgiving

Over the Thanksgiving break, while many students leave and go home to spend time with their families, there are many people who perhaps live too far away or choose to stay on campus for this short break. It can be boring staying on the deserted campus with nothing to do until students return for classes.

Lack of bus passes for students a problem

At the beginning of each academic year, UC Berkeley students can purchase a sticker for their student ID cards, that allows them unlimited rides on any AC Transit bus. This pass, a $1,200 value, only costs $58.50 per semester in students' registration fees and includes transbay lines.