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Campanil makes new year’s resolutions, hopes College will do the same

With every new year comes the chance to start fresh and reflect on past successes and challenges. 2009 brings a new U.S. president, a new semester, and for The Campanil, a new management team. In the spirit of change, we’ve compiled a set of goals to better serve our readership.

First, we will continue to hold administrators accountable, and to act as a watchdog of those whose actions affect the well-being of the College community. To do this, we need your trust in our ability to seek the truth and share it in an accurate, unbiased way. Only with credibility can we be effective and fulfill our role as your student newspaper.

We will do this by working more as a cohesive team, so that clear communication and thorough reporting produce the most complete and correct stories possible. We encourage you to continue to help us collect as much correct information as we can, and to let us know of any and all factual errors.

Second, we want to be approachable for every student, professor, and staff member who has something to say. Whether you’re angry about an issue that needs to be addressed, or you know of a person or department who deserves to be praised, we want the pages of The Campanil to be a safe space for such dialogue to happen.

Third, we are committed to building further connections between Mills College and its surrounding community by continuing to diversify our coverage. Mills often advertises its proximity to San Francisco and Berkeley, but fails to acknowledge the beauty and vibrancy right outside its gates. Whether we recognize it or not, Mills does rest in the midst of a lively urban setting.

Our goal at The Campanil is to bring more of Oakland into our paper, so we can bring more of Mills into Oakland.

Our community should feel connected to the place they live, work, and study in, rather than feeling they have to jump on BART or fight traffic on the 580 to go someplace else. If we have greater connections to the Oakland community, we can give more to it and receive more in return.

We will accomplish these goals and more not only by utilizing our print newspaper, but through other mediums as well. We are excited to expand on our website, podcasts, and video technologies in telling stories.

2009 will undoubtedly usher in trials and triumphs in equal measure, and the Campanil staff is ready to face what comes our way.

And now we must ask: What will you resolve to do differently this year?