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How to stay safe in our vibrant Oakland neighborhood

Let The Campanil be the first to say how proud we are that Mills College is located in Oakland. We have written previous editorials opposing Mills' frequent decision to publicize the location of our campus as the "San Francisco Bay Area" instead of simply stating that we are in Oakland.

Fall semester class picks from the editors of The Campanil

Ashley Guillory, news editor

The Curious and the Damned: Knowing Too Much in the 19th Century - Kara Wittman
Thurs. 2:30-5 p.m.

How dangerous is knowledge? This class tries to address what roles curiosity and forbidden knowledge play in a time known for its strict laws and social order.

Housing process could be worse, but some improvements can also be made

Housing is a complicated process at every college. Looking at either large universities such as UC Berkeley or small private colleges like Dominican University, there doesn't seem to be a simple, stream-lined process that takes into consideration all a student's concerns when choosing where to live while attending school.

Bill to legalize marijuana in California an idea legislators should consider

State legislator Tom Ammiano's proposed bill to legalize marijuana in California would save both money and lives: billions of dollars in enforcement costs and thousands of families affected by imprisonment, drugs and police violence.

The Marijuana Control, Regulation and Education Act, if passed, would give the state power to regulate marijuana much like it does alcohol.

M Center responds to previous Campanil editorial

This letter aims to address some of the issues that were raised about the M Center in the Mar. 2 issue of The Campanil. Our hope is to provide a different perspective on the College's "Withdrawn Without Notice" process and the M Center's role in it. Contrary to what was printed in The Campanil's front page headline and in the second page editorial, we do not drop students from their classes without warning or without notice.

College proposes merit raises despite current economic conditions

Mills College has expressed commitment to make its education attainable for people of all socio-economic backgrounds and to retain students experiencing financial hardship, while providing the highest quality of instruction. With these goals in mind, and because the College is facing a shrinking endowment, the administration should take a hard look at what to cut and what to keep in the upcoming fiscal year 2010 budget.

MCS department may suffer if cuts approved for student T.A.s, graders

The Campanil takes issue with an administrative proposal to cut funds for teaching assistants in the mathematics and computer science departments at Mills College. Under the plan, TAs in both departments would lose all their funding. The math department especially relies on students to grade homework and teach workshops, and math students have already taken a pay cut.