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Posts published by “Editorial Board”

Editorial: The Campanil’s response to the passing of Proposition 8

In the 2008 Presidential Election, America voted for change. They voted a Democratic House, Senate, and President into Washington D.C., and they made history by choosing Barack Obama to be our first African American President.

Our country desperately needs such monumental shifts in order to change for the better, and none of them would have happened without the movement for equal rights.

Mills should celebrate Oakland, before the City or Berkeley

Mills projects a community service image, from the Institute for Civic Leadership to the number of internships and non-profit job postings that decorate the bulletin boards in the Career Center. But the College obscures and overlooks its Oakland home and associates itself with Berkeley and San Francisco.

How wide a scope should we encompass?

As it goes at every credible news organization, it is our job to think of what is important to cover for our community.

But as the newspaper of a small, private liberal arts college, it is especially difficult to know how wide we should enlarge our scope.

To our readers: speak out and be heard

Despite our encouragement of diverse ideas and speech at Mills College, we have experienced a minimal-if nonexistent-exchange of ideas with people of conservative, or in other ways different or unpopular, viewpoints.

Case in point: we received and published numerous letters last semester from Obama and Clinton supporters, but McCain supporters have yet to write a single letter to our newspaper.

In Memoriam

Hollie Q. Hill August 14, 1963 - July 14, 2008 taken from us by breast cancer, Mountain View, CA. Born and lived in the greater Santa Cruz and San Francisco Bay Areas. Graduated Harbor High School 1981, recently attending Mills College pursuing Library Arts.

Make your voice count: vote during ASMC elections

The Associated Students of Mills College elections for the executive board, senate and class officers are fast approaching. On April 16 and 17, we urge Mills students to participate in a simple, yet crucial democratic act: vote for your student representatives.

Mills traditions strengthen our sense of community

Recently, the Associated Students of Mills College (ASMC) launched a book drive in an effort to increase Uganda's literacy rates, held the first ever Spirit Week, and organized a dinner theatre, "Murder at the Four Deuces." The Senior class was successful in promoting senior apparel-the purple shirts are everywhere, and the Freshwoman class officers' alacrity in promoting class spirit gives us hope for Mills' future.