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Posts published by “Editorial Board”

Colleges should make student aid a funding priority

The pursuit of higher education is priceless, but in recent years, funding this academic endeavor has become increasingly expensive.

The costs of obtaining a college degree have been rising well above the rate of inflation for the past decade. At the same time, many universities have been fattening the size of their endowments.

When will staff shake-ups end at DSL?

The Division of Student Life is central to the well-being of Mills students. It is also-to put it bluntly-in chaos. Its revolving door of staff turnover has historically and consistently been high, and leaves us at The Campanil wondering what is going on within the department.

Democratic presidential race dividing Mills campus

When Chelsea Clinton a visit to Mills College on the morning of Saturday, Feb. 2, the press labeled the members of the Mills community in attendance as a largely pro-Hillary Clinton crowd, thereby alluding to the political preference of the entire campus.

True, President Janet Holmgren has shown her support to the Senator from New York, personally aiding her campaign.