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To our readers: speak out and be heard

Despite our encouragement of diverse ideas and speech at Mills College, we have experienced a minimal-if nonexistent-exchange of ideas with people of conservative, or in other ways different or unpopular, viewpoints.

Case in point: we received and published numerous letters last semester from Obama and Clinton supporters, but McCain supporters have yet to write a single letter to our newspaper.

We realize the generally liberal views expressed in the Opinions section are partly a reflection of our campus. The Mills student body is a decidedly liberal one and our newspaper reflects the dialogues that occur here.

But this dialogue is getting stale. Too many of us agree with each other-we tend to be pro-choice, anti-war, eco-conscious women. We at the Campanil feel we are all too comfortable in our own political positions.

While we encourage all members of the Mills community to use the newspaper as their voice, The Campanil would like to hear from those who feel their position is the minority one.

We do not only refer to the presidential race or national politics, but about any topic that compels a person to speak out. Many may disagree with you, but we know that Mills is a mature enough place to respect the rights of all students to publish their views-whether they are right, left, center or defy categorization. We will all learn more about ourselves, question our assumptions, and strengthen our beliefs in the process.