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Make your voice count: vote during ASMC elections

The Associated Students of Mills College elections for the executive board, senate and class officers are fast approaching. On April 16 and 17, we urge Mills students to participate in a simple, yet crucial democratic act: vote for your student representatives.

Both voter turnout and the number of candidates running for office can be improved. Some students have garnered positions by default, when they ran unopposed-such as current Class of 2010 officers.

You, Mills women, have the opportunity to effect change through key decision making, administering campus-wide events and social activities, and preserving traditions. ASMC plays a unique role in affecting our experience at Mills, and by voting or running, you can have a hand in shaping that.

Let us support the new ASMC structure by ensuring that we choose the best representatives. Participation is the key to maximizing ASMC’s effectiveness. If you don’t run, take a few minutes to listen to candidate speeches and cast your ballot for whom you think will best represent you.

Unless you are 100 percent satisfied with your Mills experience, it is in your best interest to vote or run for office yourself.