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Posts published by “Courtney Nuding”

Intermedia Arts and Dance seniors show dynamic works

Seniors in the Intermedia Arts and Dance departments showcased their theses on Apr. 10 in the Concert Hall, combining multi-media installations with a concert of short films, ranging from impressionistic and experimental to documentary-style. The show also featured a multimedia ensemble dance performance.

San Francisco hosts celebration of kink

The windbreaker-clad and comfort sneaker-wearing tourists at the Holiday Inn on Van Ness Avenue were overtaken Mar. 19-21 by the corseted, studded, bare-assed, booted, crop-toting and pasty-wearing kink congregants of International Ms. Leather and Ms. Bootblack 2009 in San Francisco.

PLEASE don’t stop the music

The Bay Area hosts a plethora of unlicensed, low-power community broadcasters that challenge the Federal Communication Commission's (FCC) control over the country's airwaves, which these so-called radio "pirates" see as a public resource.

"Microradio" stations like Berkeley Liberation Radio (BLR) at 104.

Oakland murals: How to Get There

If you want a tour of street art in Oakland, the best thing to do is get on your bike on a sunny day. You can cover a lot of ground, stop where you want to and not have to pay multiple bus fares.

In East Oakland, Foothill Boulevard is an art-rich corridor.

S.F. comedian’s solo show tackles racism

"Race doesn't make sense," says W. Kamau Bell in his eponymous solo show. "It's like pretending the WWF is real."

Race may be made up, but racism is all too real and, as Bell argues, virulent as ever.

In his show, The W. Kamau Bell Curve: Ending Racism in About an Hour, the San Francisco comedian is able to horrify audience members with instances of "celebrity racism" and hate speech, and make people uncomfortably question their prejudices and privilege.

NIMBY a new DIY space for art and creation in East Oakland

Just a few minutes from Coliseum BART, the industrial arts "DIY space" NIMBY is filling in its new warehouse home at 8410 Amelia St. DIY-if you don't know by now-means do it yourself, and what you can do at NIMBY is metal work, fire arts, mosaics, electronics, textiles, jewelry-making, screen-printing, glass-blowing, bicycle and art-car building, stone carving, painting, sculpting and more.

“Yes we can” becomes “yes we did”

Barack Hussein Obama was elected the 44th president of the U.S. on Tuesday, swept to victory by an anxious country eager to change course at home and abroad. Obama, 47, becomes the first African-American in U.S. history to win the presidency.

Oakland erupted Tuesday night, from fireworks bursting up from East Oakland, firecrackers exploding on Foothill Avenue, to mobs of people skipping down Broadway and cheering while drivers wailed on their car horns and people danced in the streets all the way west.