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Posts published by “Courtney Nuding”

New Spirit Squad wants “Stormchasers” to follow Cyclones

The fervent chanting heard on campus this fall is not another protest, but the new Spirit Squad revving up the fans of Mills athletes. The squad members said they are determined to bring people from the Mills community to the games and get them excited about campus sports.

One Mills student speaks out about issues facing undocumented students

Born in M‚xico and raised in the Bay Area, Mills sophomore Miriam Noriega intimately knows the evolving challenges facing immigrants of any legal status. Her understanding and passion for immigrant rights led her to intern for Bay Area Immigrant Rights Coalition last spring.

Students say new food fills stomachs but empties pockets

As senior Paula Tejeda cut through a 95 cent lemon in the Tea Shop, she lamented over the changes in food services: the loss of the large hardwood tables that allowed for big groups to meet in the Tea Shop, and the decrease of vegetarian options at Founders.