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From the Desk of the Arts Editor: Great Movies to Watch on Halloween

Mills College Weekly

Under normal circumstances I would never suggest a horror movie
to a single soul, much less an unknown group of people, but what’s
the worse that can happen? I am in the business of lending a
helping hand and I want to help you if you find yourself with
nothing to do this Halloween. And please, when I say nothing to do
I mean you are sitting in your dorm room staring at the poorly
patched hole on the wall and can’t wait to start counting the cob
webs growing under your heater. It’s not that these aren’t great
movies, but you’d have to be bored or flat broke not to have
something better to do on Hallowen. Actually, if you are flat
broke…this probably won’t help anyway.

DISCLAIMER: I must admit (and warn you) that I am afraid
of my own shadow in the dark and all of these movies scared me to
death. It’s the masochist in me that forces me to sit through them
with my legs crossed tightly and my hands clenched together. Each
of these selections caused me, or someone close to me, some serious
distress as a result of my fear. I won’t say which movie made me do
what. Instead I’ll say one made me cry (“fear tears” I like to call
them), one made me follow my friend around the house (even to the
bathroom under extreme protest…I won through incessant whining)
and one had me screaming at the top of my lungs, right in the
theater, loud and proud. I didn’t even look around to see the
reaction of other moviegoers…I knew I was the only one

As if that isn’t bad enough, the scariest one had me running
down Hollywood Blvd. in tight jeans and three inch pumps…just
like a fool! Although now in retrospect I wonder if it was the
movie that scared me or the fact that my date snuck up behind me
afterward (trying to be funny) and grabbed me around my neck from
behind. I elbowed him, without even turning to see who it was, and
took off running. He had to chase me for two blocks before I
stopped running. Needless to say that was our last date.

Anyway, enjoy these selections…or let me know what your
favorites are. Send an e-mail to and have a Happy Halloween
whatever you choose to do!