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FOOD | Five Things I Love Friday | 2.25.11

Cross-posted from Kat Gaines’ personal blog The Wine-Y Tomato.

First – I want to welcome any Mills students reading this on The Campanil‘s website! For those who don’t know — I’ve been invited to join the team of my school newspaper as a food blogger for their online edition. So anything that goes on my blog can also be seen here! Check out my author profile.

The Wine-Y Tomato mascot. All photos courtesy of Kat Gaines.

With the new-found attention, I’ve decided to start a Friday post series, something that many of my fellow foodies do on their blogs for some consistency and accountability. 🙂 There’s even a vintage fashion blog I follow that does something similar.

Here, the weekly series is going to be a quick snapshot of five things I’m into at the moment, 95% foodie related but sometimes it might just be … whatever, like my green precise v7 pen (so pretty, I love green things) or mocha-flavored chapstick (which I guess is still semi-foodie). It will also be a relief from my weekly thesis class, because inevitably every Friday I go to class totally fired up about my poetry and talking about it and leave with mixed feelings of “YEE-HAH for poetry!” right next to “who am I kidding – I can’t write worth beans.”

I’m from Montana, guys. We say yee-hah sometimes. I apologize in advance for any future appearances the word may make on this blog.

Long story short – putting all my mixed feelings about creative words aside to just write down the facts (I love these 5 things), will be therapeutic every Friday afternoon.

So here you have it: this week’s Friday Five!

1.) Nutella.

Nutella is blowing up in the world of food blogging right now. There’s a new blog up recently that I’m in love with, called Bella Nutella, about (you guessed it) anything and everything Nutella related. I mean, for goodness’ sake, look at these Nutella scones, just LOOK AT THEM.

Photo from Kitchen Konfidence, another fantastic blog. Click here for a link to the recipe.

And then, y’know, make them. Because I’m going to.

2.) My polka-dot rainboots.

That’s right, folks. I have been in the Bay Area since Fall 2006 and *just* decided to invest in a pair of rainboots 6 days ago. It’s kind of lame. But I think I’ve redeemed myself with the hella cute polka dot rain boots, and I sometimes wear them when it’s not raining… which is embarrassing, but I think we’re about to hit mega-rain season, so I probably won’t have to worry about that for a while.

3.) Kale.

I recently put myself through a 21 day cleanse based off of a book called, appropriately, “Clean” by Alejandro Junger, MD. You can read past posts about it (I believe I created a “Clean” tag), but basically, it consisted of a liquid breakfast, solid lunch, liquid dinner, and the foods I could eat were uber-limited (but still yummy). I drank a lot of kale during this period, and for any Grey’s fans, Callie’s recent episode with a shake containing kale in which she looked like she was going to vomit made me defensively yell at my laptop screen “HEY! KALE IS TASTY, DON’T MAKE THAT FACE!” I’m truly into a leafy green vegetable right now. Which I even think is a little weird, but hey, I won’t closet my kale-lovin’ ways.

4.) THESE:

My mom led our girl scout troop and I remember being totally intimidated going door to door selling cookies. These days, it seems the scouts are more organized and have an online cookie locater to help you found a public location where Samoas and Thin Mints can be purchased near you. I’ve already planned my several possible dates and times.

5.) Garlic.

I’ve always been a big garlic freak. But while I was cleansing, I ate 99.9% raw foods, so garlic didn’t find its way into my diet much, except in one very tasty batch of pesto (grilled salmon with pesto was allowed on this cleanse. I’m telling you, best.cleanse.ever). So now that I can actually, y’know, cook things once in a while, hella garlic is my motto once again.

Also, just for today, a 6th thing, since there may be a Mills woman or two reading this: art on campus.

There are at least two things I know of that are happening this weekend: Saturday’s “The Art of Living Black” show featuring one of our awesome professors, Ajuan Mance, as well as a couple Mills students and other artists, and all weekend (though I’ll be there on Sunday): The Vagina Monologues, which all think all Mills Women are actually required to attend at least once in their Mills career to graduate – it’s kind of like the theatre version of COLL 005.

I jest. But seriously, you should go to both.