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Yummy, winter ginger-pear delight

1-2 parts pear puree

1 part ginger liqueur

1-3 parts liquor

3-4 part ginger beer


To make pear puree, just core some ripe pears and stick them in a blender. (This can be made ahead and keeps well in the freezer.)

Domain De Canton is the best ginger liqueur on the market. It’s a spicy delight.

Liquor can be either vodka or bourbon. Hanger One or Grey Goose work best for vodka, as both are clean tasting.

For Bourbon, I recommend either Bulleit Rye or Knob Creek; they are both smooth enough to enhance the subtlety of pear puree without taking over the entire drink.

The best ginger beer to use for this is Bundeburg’s, period.


Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and give it a good shake.

Serve over ice  in a small mason jar or DOF (double old-fashioned) glass, with a piece of crystallized ginger or lemon curl for garnish.