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FASHION | Would you wear these dresses for graduation?

Cross-posted from Tymeesa Rutledge’s personal blog, Tiny Tee’s BIG small World.

Graduation season can be a stressful time -– hair, make up, pumps and dresses.

I am here to offer some looks to choose from for your graduation ceremony.

First Look: Singer Melody Thornton

I like this look because it is light with a bold green color that works for the spring meets summer season. The dress is short but is balanced with a longer sleeve which is classy. I think that this dress would be fabulous if you add a chunky necklace and studded earrings.

As for the pumps, I would pair the dress with a nude pair from Aldo’s or Bakers.

Look 2: Actress Kali Hawk

This look is fabulous because it has dual purpose. You can wear this dress during the graduation ceremony as well as to a party or club afterward. The texture and metallic of the dress adds dimension that will allow you to stand out amongst the other graduates. It is the perfect dress to say, ” Yes, I’m a hot graduate.”

You can wear a black pump with this and play it safe or wear a bright colored pump. It all depends on your make-up and hair because you don’t want to downplay the dress.

Look 3: Singer Keri Hilson

This look is okay — if you change the color of the dress and shoes then it would be a go. I like the shape of the dress because it shows skin and hugs tight. I love dresses that can show the body’s curves. You wouldn’t need to accessorize with this dress because the shape is so fab!

If I had my way the dress would be black and the pump would be a bold bright color. This dress is also a dual purpose dress: ceremony and club.

Look 4: Singer Britney Spears

This dress is perfection: the color, pattern, texture and fit is amazing. Dual purpose dresses are always a must! The dress is great for a sunny graduation ceremony, great for a night with the girls, a wedding or a award ceremony. I would not wear wedges with this dress. I would wear a nude pump and maybe a shiny ring on my finger.

These are four fabulous looks for the graduation season. But of course, you don’t have to wear a dress ladies. A skinny pant, blazer or wondrous blouse paired with killer pumps can look just as fab!

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