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New York Fashion Week 2014

My favorite time of the year has come and gone: New York Fashion Week. Designers, bloggers, models and fashion enthusiasts all gathered in the City That Never Sleeps to view Spring/Summer collections belonging to major designers in the fashion industry. I was excited to see some of my favorite designer’s collections and all of the wonderful street fashion that people wear to these shows. The uniqueness and self-expression of each person’s attire is what I feel fashion week encompasses. Everyone seems to be confident in their own individual styles, and it really shows. That is what I love to see: people expressing themselves to the fullest.

I thoroughly enjoyed viewing everyone’s collections, but there were a few that really captured my eye as being the best of the best. Most of the pieces that I admired were either really reserved and sophisticated, super artsy and creative, or a mix of both. Here are my top three designers of New York Fashion Week:

1. J. Mendel

Out of all the collections shown, I must say that J. Mendel really did it for me. What I enjoyed most about this collection is the fresh and eclectic color pattern used on each piece. The attention to pattern detail is also something I appreciate. Often enough, designers spend a lot of time just on color alone, but pair it with simple patterns.


This is my absolute favorite piece from the J. Mendel collection. First of all, these colors are just stunning.  What makes this dress even  better is the way the colors bounce off of the mesh material behind it; it almost gives the dress an awesome futuristic look. Paired with these chic heels and sleek hair, this look is the epitome of modern fashion.

I certainly would wear this piece, especially with the shoes that are paired with it. I can appreciate a nice point-toed pump, and with extra strapping on the shoe, the outfit becomes even edgier. Simple long-sleeved, short dresses can be easily found when shopping because of its simple design. Since thrift shopping is my favorite pastime, I would buy a body-con dress like this one and pair it with pointy-toed pumps for a nice evening out, or tall, daring boots for the day. This design is so versatile that you really cannot go wrong!  

2. Emilia Wickstead

To be honest, I had never heard of Emilia Wickstead before seeing her collection! Fortunately, it was a very pleasant surprise to see her pieces. I think the best way to describe her line is simplistic and chic. I say this because of the material she uses for her pieces, a lot of them being silk and cotton and the aesthetics of each piece. Each piece is very simple, yet very pleasing to the eye.

Emilia Wickstead

This romper-trench coat combination is, simply put, gorgeous. I love that something so plain and straight forward as this look can also be so complex as well, considering the beautiful pattern on both pieces. The color of this piece also makes it a fresh piece for the Springtime.

I see a lot of Mills students wearing rompers such as this one. For a bright and sunny day, I would pair the romper with an open-toed shoe such as the one above and some statement jewelry pieces, like a few classic gold bangles, to add a touch of character to the outfit. 

3. Thom Browne

Thom Browne’s collection is an interesting one. Compared to the two designers above, Browne’s pieces are more artistically centered. Some pieces are more wearable than others, and then some are great works of art that should be admired more than desired to wear.

Thom Browne

This piece is so artistic, especially with the array of 3D birds flying away from the clothing. This piece makes me think of a well-fashioned woman in a feminine outfit as shown above, with birds hovering all around her, almost acting as an angelic shield around her. This piece is something I could see displayed in the Mills Art Museum or a sustainable fashion show that Mills could put on. I love that the model’s hair is wrapped in a scarf; it adds to the flow of the rest of the outfit. If her hair were to be down, it would definitely take away from the entire wardrobe.

 Of course, no one would actually wear this on a typical day (unless you’re Lady Gaga!),  but recognizing the fact that fashion is an art is something important that I feel a lot of people tend to forget. Yes, fashion is the things you wear, but more importantly it is the way in which you wear those things and the art that goes into making clothing.

I believe that true fashion speaks of an individual’s self-expression and creative thinking. This is why I love fashion week so much; I get to see what creative ideas went through the minds of fabulous designers, both established and up-and-coming.

The fashion scene at Mills is one that I’ve come to really appreciate. One day you may encounter someone with an outfit so simple to call out, yet so sweet and elegant as you view it closer. Another student’s wardrobe might just strike you in the face with its bold colors and patterns and risk-taking lengths. That is the beauty of the Mills community; everyone has their own unique style.

I look forward to seeing other designer’s pieces in London, Milan, and Paris for the continuation of fashion week internationally. Who know’s what they’ll be showing next!