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FAREWELL | Writer first, woman second

(Emily Mibach)

Two years ago, I came to Mills College with big hair and big dreams, all to strengthen my writing career as a grad student. Since then, my hair has gotten bigger and my determination to build a career for myself has strengthened, all thanks to The Campanil.

For the two years I’ve been at Mills I have spent about 75 to 90 percent of the time in Rothwell Hall, room 157, and I’m going to miss that. The Campanil staff were my first group of friends. The staff that I’ve worked with have been there for newspaper stuff and with my personal life. From the best news of my life to the worst moments, they have all been there. So…how can I say goodbye to something that has been a great part of my life these past two years?

At the same time, I’m saying goodbye with a sense of accomplishment. I’ve done things that I didn’t think I would do here. I didn’t think I would go to journalism conferences, get internships and job opportunities in media and journalism, and even win an award for my writing. Importantly, I didn’t think I would build friendships that I would love to keep in the future. Hell, I even found “my person” in this room.

I’m also saying goodbye with a strength that I’ve never seen in myself. Being at Mills and working with The Campanil has taught me to be a fighter, to stand up for my beliefs through my writing. With all my experiences as a woman and a writer on this campus, I feel like I’m ready for any thing. Importantly, I have learned how to be myself, with no owed apology to anyone.

Although my future is uncertain right now, I’ll still work to become a greater writer after I take my steps (in combat boots) off this campus. I’ll take every experience and chance to work on myself, something that plays a big role in my words.

To The Campanil staff, past and present: you all have become like family to me, and you all will be in my heart. You have played a role in my growth as a writer and woman. (Remember: for me, writer first, woman second!)

Goodbye, Mills. I’m leaving you with a bigger appreciation and zero tolerance for bullshit. Peace out, loves.