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Digital Storytelling at Mills

The Digital Storytelling course at Mills made its debut this semester, taught by journalist, educator and performer Professor Keli Dailey. Students were taught how to tell stories in the digital age and how, historically, storytelling has been and still is used to advocate for social justice issues. While learning foundational video editing skills, students also learned how narrative is constructed for audio, video, photography and interactive experiences.

Here are the final works of two students from the course, Grace Patterson and Whitney Walker.

“Where We Fell in Love” by Grace Patterson

Grace Patterson is a junior at Mills double majoring in Art & Technology (concentration in Art) and Communications (concentration in Media and Cultural Studies).

“Digital Storytelling was my absolute favorite class I took this semester because my professor Keli Dailey made our class feel like a community. Digital Storytelling has helped me to expand upon my storytelling skills, and has given me the confidence and skills I need to be able to speak truthfully from my heart.”

– Grace Patterson

Keep up with Grace on Instagram and Twitter! You can view many more of her films on her website.

“Pandemic Road Trip” by Whitney Walker

Whitney Walker has been working at Mills College for 10 years.

“Digital Storytelling was the first class I’ve taken in 20 years and it was the perfect way to get started on my master’s degree. This was a strange semester for all of us, but this topic lent itself well to a virtual classroom and Keli Dailey was a caring, knowledgeable and funny guide through it all. I’m sure I will use these skills for years to come and plan to keep making digital stories in my work as well for social change.”

– Whitney Walker

Featured Photo by Andras Vas on Unsplash