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Press Released: Leaving Mills is both bitter and sweet

I never thought my farewell to Mills would look like this, but I won’t let it stop me from appreciating all my positive experiences and all the ways I’ve grown in the last four years.

Right now, in the middle of the shelter in place thanks to COVID-19, I am full of emotions both bitter and sweet. I think I can speak for most seniors in that I am deeply saddened that I have been robbed of the traditions that would normally celebrate our achievements, as I am unable to attend my last Black and White Ball, my Lavender Graduation, my final Athletic Banquet, or walk across the stage with my fellow graduates.

Despite it all, my nostalgic nature will continue to look fondly over my time here. The Campanil newsroom has become one of my favorite places on campus, and I’ll miss hurrying over on Wednesday evenings after tennis practice with ice on my knees to discuss everything from campus happenings to the biggest breaking news in today’s world. My time here has shown how important it is to me to share the stories of those who deserve to be heard. It’s been an honor to be your chief copy editor this year and I truly found joy in helping your articles be the best, most polished they could be.

It still hasn’t fully hit me that, after so many essays and Mills Hall classes and late nights in the library, I’ve finally did it. There was a time after a particularly difficult semester where I was positive that I could not make it through without taking time off, and I’m proud of myself for pushing through and making it to the end. I hope that other students struggling with their ADHD know that they aren’t alone and that victory may be just around the corner.

To the Kim Squad, to last year’s Larsen House, to Apartment T, to all four years’ iterations of the tennis team: thank you. To every professor who was kind and understanding and flexible, thank you. To the friends who have been there for me since our first semester in Orchard Meadow, thank you. To my parents who were always only a phone call away, to my partner who always knew just what encouragement I needed, and to the peers who consistently educated and inspired me—thank you.

Joining the Campanil was one of the best decisions I made while at Mills: for the community, for the friendships that I formed and strengthened, and for the invaluable experience I gained as a writer and editor. I hope to take what I’ve learned into the intimidating world of job searching, but with the knowledge that—armed with these skills—I can find a place for myself in the world.

Now more than ever, when our country relies on quality news and reporting to keep us safe and healthy through the pandemic, we need to support journalism—on both a national and local scale. The Campanil serves an essential role in telling the truth of the Mills student experience, reporting on issues the administration would happily gloss over. To my fellow and future reporters and writers: continue to dig for the facts, uplift marginalized voices and speak truth to power.