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Doing it ALL in only two years: Senior Maya Lama’s Journey

Maya Lama’s journey to Mills College has had its fair share of speed bumps. After several years of stop and go enrollment in community college, Lama finally transferred to Mills two years ago and quickly began to rise. Now at the age of 28, Lama is graduating with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and admission into the 4+1 MBA program for finance with more honors than you can count on one hand.

Photo Courtesy of Maya Lama
Photo Courtesy of Maya Lama

“It’s been a long journey,” Lama said, “but this was definitely the right time for me to be here.”

Lama served as vice president for the class of 2013, a member of the Student Athletic Advisory Committee, and co-captain of the cross-country team. Her long list of achievements includes recognition as a Forte Fellow for the MBA program, inclusion in the Palladium honors society for combining academic excellence with service to the college, and three awards for athletics highlighting her excellence in leadership, academics and athletic performance.

“I’ve been very blessed,” Lama said. “I worked hard, but I didn’t think I was going to get any awards. It’s a nice touch.”

Though Lama’s deep interest in economics and passion for running led to a full and exemplary life at Mills, it was the community as a whole that contributed to her time here. Not only does she feel that she became “a voice for the transfer community,” a group that often feels displaced, the campus has clearly left its mark on her, too.

“My perspective towards life has changed. I’m more open to different ideas and accepting of failure and successes,” Lama said. “Mills has made me a really strong, smart, bold woman.”

As for the future, Lama is not certain where she will go after the MBA program. Though she is looking into financial and data analysis, and maybe law school down the road, she’s happy where she is right now.

“It’s been great at Mills,” she said. “I’ve loved every second of it.”