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Posts published by “Tara Nelson”

Tara is the former Editor in Chief for The Campanil. She graduated in May 2011 with a B.A. in English with an Emphasis on Creative Writing and a Journalism minor. Interact with her on Twitter @Tarasaidit.

Q&A with the Class of 2009 Cyclones

Hanako Hjersman Track and Cross Country Teams PLEA Major with an Emphasis in International Relations Q: How has participating on your team influenced your time at Mills and beyond? A: As a transfer student, being on a sports team allowed me to both meet new people and also form friendships with Mills women younger than me and in different disciplines.

College hazy on campus marijuana use

Apr. 20, is a sort of high holiday for the cannabis-friendly crowd. The exact origins of 4-20 are hazy. Some speculate that it is a police code for a marijuana call, or a reference to its ingredients, while the most common theory on the Internet describes a group of high school students in the '70s who would meet everyday at 4:20 p.

‘Laurel’ serves up breakfast right

Oscar Wilde reportedly once said, "Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast," and while it's difficult to quibble with the likes of Mr. Wilde, clearly he was not taking his coffee at one of the colorful breakfast joints found between the wrought iron arches that bookend 35th and High Streets in the Laurel district.

Holistic methods more appealing in tight economy

Type the phrase Holistic Medicine Northern California into Google and a virtual laundry list of alternative practitioners appears.

From upscale spas catering to the karmically hip to free clinics offering holistic services to those in need, you can find hundreds of Yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation classes in the Bay area as well as herbalists, acupuncturists, and even holistic veterinarians, catering to the spiritually sophisticated spaniel.