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Radio regatta rocks the boat house

Hipsters took to the open waters Sunday at the fourth annual Radio Regatta on Lake Merritt.

The event was hosted by Oaklandish, a non-profit founded in 2000 that is well known in the area for putting on creative events and artistic fundraisers that capture the unique eclectic charm of the city.

The event, lining the docks of the Lake Merritt Sail Boat House, featured free gondola rides and half-price boat rentals, along with food and beer for those not ready to test their sea legs. Many also brought their radios along in order to enjoy — either out on their boats or picnicking in neighboring areas — the live Micro FM broadcast being spun by local DJs.

Oakland resident Susanah Cooper, 23, brought friends from out of town to the regatta and said she always looks forward to the non-profit’s quirky happenings.

“San Fran is the box and Oakland likes being on the outside, and we have sun here so we also get to actually do it outside,” said Cooper.

Outlandish, whose Mobile Rig is a fixture at the Lake Merritt Farmer’s Market, designs and sells T-shirts, mostly of their well- known logo depicting a large tree with roots sprawling in all directions, as well as other Oakland themed apparel and stickers.

Each year the non-profit hands out Outlandish Innovator awards to groups that give back via imaginative means. Recent winners include the Kung Fu Grocery, Bay Area Girls Rock Camp and Youth Spirit Artwork.

However not all attendees were dazzled by the glittering lake and the cool crowd lounging about the docks. A little girl named Emily observed, pointing to a dancing couple in matching horn rim ray bans waiting to board the Gondola with radio in tow, “Look, Their music is gonna break! You can’t dance on boats.”