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Editor’s Pick

Hailing from St. Helena, the male-female duo Crystal Castles brings electronic music to a whole new level.

Despite being unsigned, they are a huge talent followed by hipsters and anti-hipsters alike.

Their creative synergy of electro-thrash presents a refreshing take on electronic music composition.

Art, Interrupted: new exhibit opens at Mills College Art Museum

With cheese cubes and wine in hand, art-lovers packed the Mills College Art Museum for the opening reception of "We Interrupt Your Program" on Wednesday night.

The multimedia show featured 14 female artists with an emphasis on blending science, art and the latest technologies as a presentation of their perspectives on the "conditioned patriarchal society.

Climbing Poetree group performs

The spoken word group Climbing Poetree performed for a packed house at the Student Union on Nov. 7, on the last stop of their national tour. During their performance, the duo who comprise the group, Alixa and Naima, announced that they would be retiring many of their favorite poems throughout the night before embarking on their new two-woman show entitled, "Hurricane Season: The Hidden Words in Water.

The World of Wushu

The road to the 2008 Beijing Olympics continues for two Bay Area residents as they gear up for the 9th World Wushu Championship to be held in China in mid-November.

Wushu, translated from Mandarin Chinese, means "martial arts" and is most recognizable by its high speed, complex forms that often include aerial cartwheels and 980-degree spinning kicks that smoothly land into the splits.

Pushing Daisies a fantasy-filled success

ABC's latest show on its fall prime time line-up, "Pushing Daisies," is delightfully over-the-top with its fairytale storytelling of unusual murders and even more bizarre love stories.

With the assistance of an omniscient narrator everyone recognizes from childhood stories, each week's stories include a gruesome but funny murder.

Howard Dean says voting change may give Republicans a political advantage

Governor of Vermont Howard Dean and others from the Democratic National Committee spoke against the Presidential Election Reform Act at a San Francisco press conference on Sept. 19. The reform act would redistribute voting districts and may swing electoral votes in the future presidential elections.

“Ugly Betty” pulls audiences in for a second season of spirited scandals

With a heightened pace and more intense storylines, ABC's so-called "dramedy," "Ugly Betty," is back for its sophomore season. In its first season, the show comically introduced unaesthetically pleasing assistant to the editor-in-chief of top fashion magazine, Mode, Betty Suarez (America Ferrera).