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Posts published by “Phillipe Cunningham”

Tree-sitting nearly leads to a riot

An attempt to bring food and water to a lone tree-sitter near the University of California Berkeley nearly caused a riot on March 9.

The tree-sitter, who calls himself "Fresh," is among many individuals that are protesting the planned removal of an oak grove during the renovation of the campus stadium.


The term "millsbian" has entered pop culture immortality along with familiar phrases like "l.u.g," (lesbian until graduation) and "gay for the stay," with its inclusion on urbandic-, an online slang handbook where everyone is welcome to contribute entries.

Tragedy hits another college campus

Nearly every college-prepared high school student in Illinois applies to Northern Illinois University (NIU). For many, NIU isn't just a backup; it's their first choice. My hometown of Streator, Illinois boasts an unusually low amount of graduates that eventually pursue higher education.

The L Word

"The L Word" is back for its fifth season, bringing a fresh, stronger approach to the show and giving fans exactly what they love most: more lesbian drama.

This season, creator Ilene Chaiken brought on board guest directors, such as Jamie Babbit, director of "But I'm a Cheerleader," to make every episode different and avoid any monotony in the presentation of the show.

Angela Davis to Speak at Mills

Angela Davis, radical activist, author and scholar, will be speaking at 7pm tonight at the Student Union.

Davis is the keynote speaker for Black History Month presented by Mills College Black Women's Collective.

She will discuss her new book, Are Prisons Obsolete?, in which "she seeks to illustrate that the time for prison is approaching an end.

Angela Davis speaks to packed house on Mills campus

A large crowd filled the Student Union on Monday night, as people from all walks of life gathered to hear Professor Angela Davis speak at Mills College.

The packed Student Union barely had room for people to stand and the doors had to remain open so individuals who were not able to fit into the room could still hear her speak.

“Angel Street” Hits Theatre in Richmond

A crowd packed in from the cold, rainy night into the Masquers Playhouse in Richmond on Saturday to see "Angel Street," the play on which George Cukor's Oscar-winning Gaslight is based.

The five-character thriller, set in London during the 1880s, follows a woman whose husband tries to make her believe she is going crazy for his own benefit.