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Posts published by “Mary Overell”

Film blends stories with style

A good movie tells a story. A mediocre movie wanders off to tell another story. A great movie manages to tell the same story from different perspectives. Namesake, adapted from Jhumpa Lahiri's novel, borders on that greatness. Sooni Taraporevala's screenplay, combined with Mira Nair's directing, give the film an easy intimacy.

Mills, Stanford concert ‘chaotic and hectic’

Have you ever seen a stand-up bass wearing a hat? Everyone at Mills' Concert Hall March 6 certainly did. A member of the Stanford Improvisation Collective perched a bright yellow baseball hat backward on his instrument during the musical performance. It was one of many visuals accompanying their portion of the evening, along with a few cross-dressing members.

Renovations underway on campus

An overwhelming number of trucks and construction workers on campus signals the numerous changes Mills is undergoing this semester.

A season of Cyclones

Courtesy of Mike Rasay While there are still 37 days until the last final exam, the sports season is already beginning to wind down. The…

The cross country team tackles Pine Top Trail

Superstitions surrounding Friday the 13th didn’t appear to faze the Mills cross country team last week when they placed second in the only home meet…

Cyclones suffer defeat

Amanda Berkson-Brand Thursday’s soccer game against University of Hawaii Hilo resulted in a 4-0 loss for the Mills Cyclones. The first half of the game…

Cyclones earned a hard-earned victory

Mary Overell Haas Pavilion was resplendent with noise Saturday night as an enthusiastic crowd cheered the Mills volleyball team to their first victory of the…