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Posts published by “Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner”

Volleyball team coach leaves after three years at Mills

After three years with the athletic department, volleyball head coach Daniel Rasay will be stepping down from his position in search of new opportunities.

As a former member of the University of Hawaii volleyball team, that won a national championship in 2002, Rasay began his position here at Mills with high expectations.

SAMEAPI fails to acknowledge cultural differences

April has rolled around again which means, for me, a mysterious throbbing below the surface of my temple has been revived. But it isn't until I stroll into the Student Union and study the fliers and intricately decorated posters fluttering in the breeze that I realize the simple, yet plain cause of this annoying, throbbing pain.

Tennis team serves up victories in Los Angeles tournament

The tennis team returned this past spring break with three out of four wins under their belt - making this year's team trip to L.A. the Cyclones' most successful one yet.

The Los Angeles trip is an annual tradition for the tennis team, and takes place every spring break.

Swimmers volunteer time and qualify for nationals

The Mills College swim team resumes a successful winter season this semester with the largest number of swimmers qualified for nationals. Not only did they complete a rigorous training week before the spring semester began, but they also managed to squeeze in a community service project on Martin Luther King Junior's birthday holiday.

After fall endurance training, crew begins season

The crew team begins training for their spring season this February, with an intensity level carried over from a rigorous fall non-traditional season, set in place by an enthusiastic new head coach.

When Angela Badran stepped up from her previous position of four years as assistant coach to take the place of Wendy Franklin-Willis as head coach, she brought with her a fresh attitude and a
new dynamic.

Gardasil vaccine – good or dangerous?

"We chose to help protect ourselves against cervical cancer and other HPV diseases. Now the choice is yours."

Recognize that line? It comes from an ad for Gardasil, the vaccine reported to offer protection against cervical cancer and Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, for women ages 11 through 26 years old.

Cross Country team places third in Invitational

On September 13th, Cyclones raced to the top at the Mills College Cross Country Invitational, placing overall third out of six competing schools. With three races under their belt in less than a month, the win only foreshadows what's in store for the fiercely dedicated team.