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Posts published by “Ashley Guillory”

Rare Book Room exhibit displays “Gorey” book art

Pale figures in dark clothes, bare tree branches and scratched stone walls that seem carved by a werewolf - Edward Gorey's black and white drawings line the wall outside the library's Rare Book Room, his book art a map of his macabre imagination.

The 40 Gorey pieces on display since Mar.

Loss of officers and parolee sparks outpouring of mourning and emotion

Over 20,000 people packed the Oracle Arena on Fri. Mar. 27 to pay their respects to four Oakland Police Department officers who were killed by a wanted parolee on March 21.

Police officers and private citizens came from all over the United States and Canada to attend the mass funeral for Oakland Police Sgt.

Undergraduate tuition and board changes

Undergraduate tuition and fees, as well as meal plan costs, will increase for the 2009 - 10 academic year, but housing costs will stay the same.

Mills students received a letter from the College dated March 9, which explained that tuition rose 3 percent and will cost $35,196 without room and board or College fees.

Unstable economy leads to College budget cuts

With national investments at an all-time low and a shrinking college endowment, Mills College has been hustling to keep the institution running.

"We're not in a crisis," said President Janet Holmgren, in a community meeting Feb. 4; however, the College has adjusted the way the institution will run in order to maximize financial efficiency.

Oakland says goodbye to neighborhood hang-out

Dozens of people lined a dingy street and wrapped around a small brick building. Some curled up in blankets. Others bounced in place or tightened their scarves around their necks as they waited in the freezing night air.

Camera flashes created faux strobe lights as customers tried to snap as many pictures as possible before the theater ushers could wedge them into the crowded lobby.

Possible renovations in Lake Aliso’s future

Mills College is in the planning stage of renovating Lake Aliso, a campus site that has shrunk over the decades. If restored, the lake could be used as a teaching tool and as a way to make the College more eco-friendly.

Lake Aliso sits behind Founders Commons and connects to Lion Creek.