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What you might have missed: Mills Senior Moments

Sarah Madison Ahern. (Photo by Mackenzie Fargo)
Sarah Madison Ahern. (Photo by Mackenzie Fargo)

Sarah Madison Ahern

Recently, a teacher [who I had my first semester] pulled me aside at Mills to talk to me about my progress, which was really cool because sometimes it’s hard to gauge [it yourself]. And for me, Mills has predominately been an academic experience [so] it was cool to get praise when we’re so often critiqued for our work. It was [great] to have that kind of affirmation that I have progressed since I got here—and she did it on her own initiative.

Thea Anderson (left) and Elektra Ditto (right). (Photo by Mackenzie Fargo)
Thea Anderson (left) and Elektra Ditto (right). (Photo by Mackenzie Fargo)

Thea Anderson and Elektra Ditto

E: [One of my favorite moments at Mills was] the senior moment photo shoot that we did for our [dance] thesis concert.

T: I think our whole thesis in general.

E: Yeah, that was a really great experience.

T: Really great because we got a lot of people to come out for it—

E: —it was a full house.

T: We had been working on it all semester and it was really, really awesome to see some many people from different walks of life to show up and support us, and to get our work out there.

E: And we put a lot of work into organizing everything.

T: And I think […] the Class of 2014 dance majors were really close and […] we each have a really unique voice but we work well together.

E: I think [the concert] was a good accumulation of our time here.

(Photo courtesy of Kim Ip)
(Photo courtesy of Kim Ip)

Kim Ip

I used to eat granola with this girl Mia Bella in her room. We would get healthy granola foods. That was good. […]

I’ve eaten a lot of ice cream on this campus [though]. [And] I feel like I’ve really figured out the Tea Shop.

I don’t know. I’ve had a lot of memories here that have been really traumatic but also at the same time hilarious. I feel [that] the reason I’ve had the strange combination of experiences is because we feel safe enough to experience them…here.

(Photo courtesy of Valeska Munoz)
(Photo courtesy of Valeska Munoz)

Valeska Muñoz

For the last eight years I have been preparing myself to become a veterinarian. However, I am aware that there are many current social and political inequities in education, and I have come to the realization that becoming a vet will not allow me to be a catalyst for social change.

From my ethnic studies minor, I’ve become aware of socioeconomic boundaries [that] help prevent minorities from performing at their maximum potential. As a biology major, I have personally experienced the lack of representation of people of color in this field. As a Latina, I have also experienced instances where I was reminded that my race might inhibit my career aspirations from becoming reality. Everyone has a purpose in life and though I have been on a completely different career trajectory until now, I have decided that I will be a teacher in Oakland.

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