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Letter to the editor: Regarding Vivian Chin’s proposed layoff

I am writing to protest the layoff of tenured professor Vivian Chin. Vivian is more than a professor at Mills; she is a knowledgeable, talented and valued teacher and an invaluable resource, warm and inclusive, for all students.
Vivian was one of my child’s favorite professors. Vivian taught several courses she attended, and was a rock for my child. Vivian provided a much-needed refuge so that it was possible for her to attend classes, do her work, and graduate. Vivian unstintingly offers encouragement, guidance, empathy, and understanding to children struggling with the pressures of growing up, finding a place in this world, accepting nothing less than perfection, and often wanting to quit because perfection is not attainable.
I request that Vivian Chin be [retained] as a tenured professor at Mills. She is an amazing asset to the institution. In Vivian, Mills loses so much more than a qualified faculty member. She is a credit to her profession, a jewel in the crown of the college, and someone who deserves to be on the faculty of an important and worthy institution.