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MillsGo’s greatest hits: 2021

Ah, MillsGo; an app like no other. Our everything-Mills app has a bulletin board for events, a COVID-19 wellness check feature, a voter information folder and a map to find a myriad of different resources around campus. Its most utilized feature, though, may be the community forum. The forum has three categories: Lost and Found, Buy and Sell, and Jobs and Volunteering, all of which which are used correctly at least half of the time. But, to be fair, there are no “laundry complaints” or “did you hear that sound?” categories. Yes, we are talking literal laundry here: dozens of posts have detailed people forgetting to switch their laundry from the washer to the dryer, soap bubbling out of the washing machines, and things being found in laundry loads that are, ahem, not fit for family programming. Perhaps the campus raccoons also deserve their own category, as their late-night trashcan snacking shenanigans have been heavily documented.

Most of the posts on MillsGo, though, are perfectly lovely. On a given week, a student can find several neat events and academic opportunities on the app. For example, this week, one student is organizing a toy and book drive for the Mandela Family Resource Center, and another is selling personalized mushroom caricature drawings for just $5!

Students also frequently use the forum to help each other out, sharing food, skills and emotional support when times get tough. Love, art, mutual aid, memes and rage with language ranging from G to R-rated are shared on the forum in front of all students and faculty, making MillsGo, well, unquestionably Mills. After all, what are friends for if they can’t support each other through that one time your college sorta-almost-kinda shut down and then loan you baking supplies in the middle of the night?

In summary, here is MillsGo 2021 by the numbers:

“Did you hear that noise?”: 44

Laundry Complaints: 30

Things given away: skincare products, baking flour, bleach, a bunch of clothes, plants, pots, banana pancakes, eggs, cookies, posters of the The Smiths and The Stooges, several haircuts, a shoebox, fabric glue, fabric paint, care packages, candy, (unused) condoms, yogurt, water, fabric, chocolate chips, a makeup desk, a table, and a great deal of advice.

During good times and bad, MillsGo has been there for us all throughout 2021. In the new year, may your laundry go smoothly and your sleep go soundly without any rude noises to interrupt. May you carry the spirit of community and hilarity with you as we ring in 2022.