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Upset Artists at Oakland’s Rolling Loud Festival

Hip-hop musicians were enraged by the technical difficulties experienced at Rolling Loud, a music festival that took place last month. Headlining artists such as rapper 21 Savage and local rapper G-Eazy were vexed by sound and microphone difficulty.

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A large crowd gathered as highly anticipated rapper 21 Savage entered the stage. He stood center stage as large projection screens showed a compilation of news reporting clips from the rapper’s recent controversial arrest. Crowds cheered in encouragement as he performed songs off of his most recent album, “I am > I was”.  Amid the set, 21 Savage stopped performing to angrily voice his discontent with sound quality and technicians. After struggling to improvise and continue the performance, an infuriated 21 Savage stormed off stage.

Disappointed fans dispersed and parted ways in hopes of a better music experience at the next performance.

As the night proceeded, Hip Hop fans came together once again to watch Oaklandraised rapper, G-Eazy. He was warmly welcomed by many, who had earlier pushed their way towards the front of the stage. The local rapper began his performance by expressing gratitude to his fans and the city.

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Shortly after the intro, G-Eazy performed his song Random and began to vent his frustration while off tempo. Amid the song, G-Eazy walked over to the left side of the stage, hitting his earpiece to signal a malfunction. He walked over to the front stage and riped the earpiece off of his ear.

G-Eazy then called attention to technical support saying, “soundman if you don’t fix this …right now, you’ll have a lot of angry people in the Bay Area”, fans cheered in agreement. He then continued to perform with fellow local rapper P-Lo.

As Rolling Loud has yet to tour Queens, New York, Hip Hop fans hope to have an amazing concert experience. Having learned from past production mistakes, music fans hope Rolling Loud will better serve hip-hop enthusiasts.