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Upcoming Event: Beyond Remembering

A stuffed walrus and copies of The Walrus. (From The Walrus' Facebook page)
A stuffed walrus and copies of The Walrus. (From The Walrus’ Facebook page)

At the end of the month, Mills’ undergraduate literary magazine The Walrus will be hosting “Beyond Remembering,” an open reading at which anyone from the Mills community is invited to read some of their own work, read another’s work or pick from the curated work the Walrus has compiled, and read from that selection.

Editor-in-Chief of The Walrus Mackenzie Fargo urges interested readers to read another person’s work instead of their own if they prefer. 

“Even when I’m reading other people’s stuff I get my heart thumping, anxious and excited,” Fargo said.

The Walrus is currently working to get readers signed up for the event; those interested in participating can send an email to Besides having scheduled readers, the event will also be open for attendees to get up and read.

As the title suggests, the theme surrounds notions of recollection. 

Part of "Beyond Remembering." (Courtesy of The Walrus)
Part of “Beyond Remembering.” (Courtesy of The Walrus)

“The works that are going to be performed or read are celebrations of remembering, or acts of remembering,” Fargo said. “This speaks to Halloween also because fear is a large part of Halloween — and what do we remember the most? Fear and emotions.”

In addition to Beyond Remembering, The Walrus is hoping to host a few writing workshops, likely taking place in November, for those who want to submit to the magazine but may feel apprehensive about doing so.

This year, The Walrus has expanded the material that will be accepted to include creative non-fiction and essays.

“There’s so much more than just prose and poetry,” Fargo said.

The Walrus is accepting submissions through mid-December and guidelines can be found on their Facebook page.

They are looking forward to people attending the upcoming reading,  where light refreshments will be provided, along with what Fargo promises will be a great environment.

“We want to create this environment where you can lose yourself in the performances and I think that’s the ultimate goal of a reading, to allow yourself to be lost,” Fargo said. 

Beyond Remembering will take place in the Faculty Lounge on Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 7 p.m.