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Train Your Way to the Top: Our Newest Health Column with Natalie Spangler

Natalie Spangler is the head athletic trainer and physical education instructor in the Mills College Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation (APER) department. After graduating from the Athletic Training Program at Fresno State University, Spangler worked with world-class athletes and coaches at Cal Berkeley as a graduate assistant before coming to Mills six years ago.

As a certified athletic trainer, she promotes wellness to the Mills student-athletes every day through injury prevention, assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. She often gives advice to other Mills students passing through, looking for solutions for their aches and pains. As an instructor for various physical education classes at Mills, she pushes her students to work hard to increase their physical fitness. Spangler’s students in Advanced Conditioning have said they love her dynamic mix of workouts, even though their legs are shaking on the way out. Who would’ve thought “Freeze Tag” was such a good workout?

You may have seen her name around campus as the contact on Cyclone Century Club flyers and free fitness class calendars. Spangler has recruited over 150 students, staff and faculty into the club and already 20 of them have completed 100 hours of exercise and are wearing the Century Club t-shirts they have earned around campus. You may have even attended her free Boot Camp fitness class or Body Weight Circuit.

Spangler said she enjoys exercise and likes to try new things regularly. In the past few years, she has learned to swim, indoor cycle and even erg (the rowing machine people love to hate).

She is knowledgeable about strength training, proper lifting technique, and methods for improving overall fitness, and is adept at modifying exercises for all fitness levels and abilities to try to maximize the workout experience and prevent injury. Now, Natalie is willing to share these tips with you weekly in The Campanil. We hope you will tune in weekly for her health and fitness tips.

Check out Natalie Spangler’s next post about stretching for her Health and Fitness column.