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Student Union stripped down

Friday night saw bare breasts, bumping and grinding, and free champagne at the first Fetish Ball held at Mills in two years. Although some students were offended by the content in the Ball’s ad campaign, most student’s reactions were positive.

“It was cool; they had red lights and candles everywhere,” said freshwoman Kelly Lloyd. “People got really into dressing up. I wore a cops uniform.”

Besides lots of nudity and scantily clad Mills women, the guests were entertained late into the night with 80’s music, a boy band in drag, and Anime porn projected on the walls .

“I was so proud of Mills for allowing students to put on this fetish ball. They played a lot of crazy music making it easy to get down and nasty. It was sexy,” said (last name)Julie

While the overall response was positive, Liza Kuney received some negative feedback regarding the advertising of the ball and certain behaviors at the dance. None were official complaints.

“The posters were drawn to be artistic representations of what the fetish ball is about,” said Mouthing Off member Lauren Trestler. “They were not meant to be offensive or explicit. If people are offended they should talk to a Mouthing Off officer.”

Overall, Assistant Dean of Student Liza Kuney thought the event was a success.

“What I felt really excited about, was the fact that an event sponsored by the only queer club on campus, had a number of straight women attend. That is amazing for a student body to feel that level of comfort and acceptance.”

“Everyone who I talked to said they a good time and that’s exactly the reason why we put it on,” Tresler said.