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Student Union meets Hollywood

Photo by Ashley Guillory

Sunday nights are typically reserved for pajamas and last minute homework sessions, but this week some Mills students basked in Hollywood glamour.

The Division of Student Life and Resident Community presented the first Mills Oscar Party in honor of the 78th Annual Academy Awards this March 5 in the Student Union.

Mirroring the actual ceremony, the Oscar Party featured a Best Dressed Contest.

Rosie Munday, a Mills freshwoman, twirled in a floor length black dress with a red velvet cape. Freshwoman Katie McNamara dressed down in a gray sweatshirt, slacks and a baseball cap. "I'm a disguised celebrity," she said.

Linda Abdablah, a Mills sophomore, wore a floor length black dress with several faux-diamond necklaces and a crystal hairpin.

The Best Dressed Contest's grand prize of five $5 gift certificates to the Grand Lake Theater was intended for one winner, but due to a voter turnout of three, all five contestants received a certificate.

For the main contest students filled out ballots before the winners were announced and guessed who would win in each category. "The more they know [about the Academy Awards], the more likely they are to win prizes," explained Alex Flores, the Oscar Party committee's team leader.

Junior Rachel Howard produced the most accurate ballot with 12 out of 24 correct answers. She received the grand prize: a two-month subscription to Netflix and a statuette of a gold-plated man running. "[Film Studies Professor] Ken Burke is going to laugh … [that] one of his film minors got [the award]," Howard said.

Although music graduate student Kirk Garner won the second place prize, a $25 gift certificate to the Grand Lake Theater, he insisted that the greater satisfaction was in attending the show. "I'm just happy to be the only guy in a room full of beautiful women," he said.

The event organizers certainly seem to have been successful in their goal. "We want everyone to get together and have fun watching it in the Student Union," said Flores.

Lara Fowler, who participated in the Best Dressed Contest, enjoyed viewing the Academy Awards on a big screen with a crowd. "It was like being in a theater … people were cheering and booing," she said.

Though this was the first Oscar Party, it will not be the last. "We may be breaking history here at Mills. We plan to continue it next year," said Flores.