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Sprinkles Screenings bring film from classroom to community

In honor of Halloween, Mills art and video professor Samara Halperin inaugurated a new monthly film screening group, Sprinkles Screening, with a viewing of the horror film “Let the Right One In.”

Students and Professor Halperin gathered in Danforth Hall on Oct. 7, in what will hopefully be the first of many meetings. Sprinkles Screening was named after the unofficial mascot, Halperin’s dog Sprinkles, who was given to them by their students. Halperin started Sprinkles Screenings to bring the Mills community together once a month to watch a variety of films ranging from the 1960s through the present– for free. This concept came to Halprin after they wanted to show movies to their students, but there was never enough time in class.

“In my classes, I don’t generally get the opportunity to show features because of the length,” Halperin said. “This is an opportunity to share movies that I would love everybody in the Mills community to see.”

Halperin chose “Let the Right One In” in light of the Halloween season and because it gives a different view of vampirism, love, relationships, and gender.

The first screening was small, populated mostly by students in Halperin’s Video I and II classes. Ashley Carreon, who is in Video II, attended the screening with her friends after hearing about it in class.  Carreon felt the film “had a lot of outrageous moments” that balanced the creepy factor with humor in a very interesting way. 

Emily Teraoka and Ashley Young also heard about the screening through Carreon. Young recounted that the movie was different from most horror movies because it did not rely on gore and blood to make it interesting.

“I really like the characters…It’s cool it showed a human side to a vampire,” Teraoka said.

Halperin plans on expanding the advertisements for future Sprinkles Screenings events. They hope to  to bring Mills students together and create a sense of community by providing free movies to the campus. Students are encouraged to attend the screenings in costumes that reflect the themes from the featured films.