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Senior Art blends genres

The art department’s eighteen seniors created quite an exhibit to show their four years of hard work. The exhibition, which will be up for the next two weeks, consists of over twenty pieces that provide a perfect picture of how diverse the department has become. Works ranging from photography to mixed media are scattered along the walls of the museum giving visitors a wonderful fusion of modern and classical art forms.

The exhibit will have its official opening this Saturday, April 6 but is up for public viewing during the museums normal hours. The display of these works are placed together eloquently. There is no obstruction to the eye when going to a presentation of such a wide variety of artists. The show was obviously pieced together with care for both the artist and the viewer.

Angeline May’s “Systems, Semiotics, and Sculpey” is an amazing tribute to abstract thought. Hanging from the ceiling of the museum is a scroll of water paper with digital prints of 35MM images. The scroll is pulled down from the buildings ceiling and pulled out towards the ground. From afar the piece looks like a skateboarding ramp, but up close it is clear what the artist is depicting.

“It is not enough to have an idea, examine it’s context and carefully execute intention. The paper scroll itself is not enough. If we only celebrate the abstract thought we cease to be fully human,” reads May’s artist statement.

One of the most unusual and creative sculptures at the exhibit is Mira Eng Goetz’s work with Ramen noodle wrappers, an apt example of her imaginative use of found objects. The two sculptures are hard to miss as they are placed at the very front of the museum, and are highly thought provoking.

Every work of art is impressive, but Suzanne McNeil’s photography is astonishing. Her series of prints entitled “Visions of the Veil” are absolutely mesmerizing and are a harsh reminder of the war on women in Afghanistan. Though all of the seniors’ works are thought provoking, McNeil’s images stick out from the crowd.

The group will be hosting the show’s official opening on Saturday with a reception from 3:oo p.m. to 5:00 p.m.