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Review of the BAMPFA

Are you tired of homework? Want to learn about something new, or simply see a fun movie? One good mini-vacation can be to travel to Berkeley, and visit the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAMPFA).

The BAMPFA’s collection can serve as a welcome change of scenery and a chance to learn about something new. Many films are accompanied by an introduction from a scholar or a professor at UC Berkeley. This can give those who aren’t film experts the background they need to enjoy the film — something they couldn’t receive at home.

Over the next several months, the BAMPFA will be showing a variety of film series, including the Cinema Mon Amour, the 2016 African Film Festival and the Movie Matinees for all ages.

In addition to these series, the BAMPFA hosts film courses — like a film series but with additional presentations. This semester, the BAMPFA is showing two series on Wednesday afternoons. In Focus: The Role of Film Archives will present the history and problems of film archives today, while In Focus: Japanese Film Classics will present screenings of work made by some of Japan’s classic filmmakers. Both of these courses will be presented alongside lectures by authorities on the respected topics.

The museum is very easy to get to, so you have no excuse not to go. Seeing a film with an introduction from someone who knows about it, with an audience who is interested, is so much more engaging than staying at home.