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Pulling it all together

You’ve made it through College, and now it’s time to look for a job. Wearing mostly jeans, T-shirts, athletic-wear, and casual clothes throughout your college years, your first thought is – oh my God, what am I going to wear?

Pulling it all together and creating a polished professional image from head-to-toe has the power to change your life!

First, remember that while fashion magazines offer useful beauty advice and tips, the garments they portray as suitable for business is unacceptable in most business environments. Also, while it is advantageous to opt for high quality clothing, what is most important is that you maintain an overall neat appearance. Clothing doesn’t have to be expensive, but should be pressed, free of stains, and fit well.

The best look is one that expresses a harmonious theme from head to toe. Your total look should be a statement of your own personal style and of course, be appropriate to your prospective career path.

But before you begin shopping for interview or work clothes, it is important to note that image is more than clothes – It’s a message that you send others about you. Pay attention to detail. Quite often potential employers perceive various aspects of your personal appearance as a reflection of the work you will do for them.

As you begin shopping for your work clothes, purchase first those items you need to round out a core wardrobe. A core wardrobe consists of 7 basic garments your other clothing should be built around. This saves you time and money while giving you more options from fewer clothes. The most versatile wardrobe is actually 1/3 clothing and 2/3 accessories for a variety of looks. By building a wardrobe based on your complementary colors , fashion personality, and body type you are virtually assured of looking your best everyday.!

Lastly don’t overlook the importance of tailoring. An untailored outfit can make you look heavier and unsophisticated. Remember to include the cost of tailoring into your clothing budget. Tailoring your clothes will create a thinner and more polished.