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Project Runway: ‘you are in’

Anna Belle Peterson

To Project Runway fans, “make it work” isn’t just a charming catch-phrase established by Tim Gunn-it’s a way of life.

For those who aren’t so fashion inclined, Project Runway is the Emmy-nominated reality TV show now in its third season where aspiring fashion designers duke it out each week.

The final three contestants get a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show their designs on the runway during New York Fashion Week. One designer is chosen to win a fashion spread in Elle magazine, a new car and $100,000 to start their own line of clothing.

These great prizes come from some very difficult challenges, however. Their first challenge was to take any supplies they could find in their temporary apartments and work them into an innovative outfit.

Later in the season, the designers were sent to a recycling plant to find materials.

Model Heidi Klum is the shows host as well as one of three regular judges. Designer Michael Kors and Fashion Director of Elle magazine Nina Garcia finish off the trio. There is also a special guest judge each week.

Project Runway has garnered a cult-like following at Mills, with many students watching each week.

“I try to get there at least a half hour early to get a good seat,” freshwoman Leah Lenetsky said. “By the time the show starts, the room’s totally packed and people keep coming in.”

Klum’s German accent can be heard at 10 p.m. on Wednesdays in the rec rooms in Orchard Meadow and Ethel Moore. Fashion fans from Warren Olney come to watch in Orchard Meadow because their TV doesn’t have cable.

Freshwoman Stephanie Thomas has been watching Project Runway since the first season.

“My mom got me hooked,” Thomas said.

When it came to keeping up on one of her favorite shows at college, she “was concerned,” she admits, with a laugh.

“As soon as I got here I [reserved] Project Runway,” Thomas said.

Thomas said she was surprised that “the whole room was full of people” when she went to watch the show.

Join the fashion obsession!

Sept. 27: This episode will decide which three designers will show at New York Fashion Week.

Oct. 4: This week will be a reunion episode where all the designers meet up. If you haven’t watched this season, this may be a good time to get all caught up.

Oct. 11: The season finale: part one

Oct. 18: Season finale: part two. The winner will be chosen!

Gasps filled the recreation room in Orchard Meadow last week when Kayne Gillaspie, a talented but occasionally tacky designer, was kicked off.

“Kayne was my favorite!” Thomas said.

All the watchers have their favorites and you can tell by how noisy the room gets. Fans will gasp, shout, cheer and boo throughout the show.
“Maybe I like it too much,” freshwoman Livia Bell said.
Everyone already has their predictions for who will be in the final three.

Students will just have to wait a few weeks until Oct. 18 when Klum announces “you’re out!” to reveal who is the winner of Project Runway.