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On-Campus Missed Connections <3

I always see you in OM and I think it’s cute that you seem to never be wearing pants. I’ve always wanted to come up and ask how you got your hair that purple/silver color and what was the inspiration for your new tattoo of the tesla coil. Maybe next semester I’ll see you around and we can connect like I’ve always wanted to. -B

To the Chris Pureka doppelganger seen at Mills College:

Like an anchor, your face took hold of my breath and sunk it down so low that I stopped caring about ever being able to reach the surface again

because maybe if I learned how to breathe underwater,

I’d be able to speak to you with the grace of a great blue whale swimming next to a school of silver moonfish

pretending they were just shooting stars who fell out from a sky

that got too heavy and I’m not sure if I believe in angels but you,

you have the style of an East Coast transplant trying to find your roots amongst a forest full of redwoods.

You and that lovely lumberjack flannel living

beneath a puffy blue jacket and those

cuffed up denim jeans resting


the soft brown of your boots.

You, with an alternative lifestyle haircut so perfect

that it looks like it was sculpted by Michelangelo. You’re like, hella beautiful and I hope to see you around campus again.

Chris Pureka, folk artist. (Image from Tumblr)
Chris Pureka, folk artist. (Image from Tumblr)

The first time I met you I asked for a lighter and you had two for me to pick from. I’ve always thought you were real good lookin’ but then I had a class with you. Hearing you talk was surprising but also so great–that’s the thing about Mills, we’re surrounded by smart cuties all the time (though oh my god, you missed so many classes I have no idea how you passed). Anyway, this is to say that I hope you have a wonderful life. We probably won’t meet again and if we do I assure you I’ll look surprised. I hope you’re happy sometimes and loved most times.

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