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Music rec: Broods’ “Evergreen”

(Courtesy of Capitol Records)

When the two-piece band Broods, fronted by siblings Georgia and Caleb Nott, released their 2014 debut “Evergreen,” comparisons to fellow New Zealand pop act Lorde were inevitable. “Evergreen” was even produced by Joel Little, the heavyweight behind Lorde’s debut “Pure Heroine.” Despite these surface-level similarities, one listen to “Evergreen” immediately distinguishes Broods as a band in their own right. Where Lorde was confrontational, Broods offered demure, almost whispered ballads like “Four Walls.” Where Lorde was political, Broods adhered to by-the-numbers lyrical themes of loss, break-ups, and coming of age.

Lead single “Bridges” is a synth-heavy, runaway debut that perfectly captures the whimsical heart of “Evergreen” — which is also front and center in single “L.A.F.” With songs as individually strong and self-contained as these, “Evergreen” can feel more like a sampling than a cohesive record. Still, it’s a fun and worthwhile listen from a band that is only just starting out.

Highlights: “Bridges,” “Evergreen,” “L.A.F,” and “Mother & Father.”
If you like Sia, CHVRCHES, Taylor Swift, or Charli XCX, then also check out: their EP, Broods and their new song “Free” out April 1,  available on iTunes and Spotify.