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Movie Review: The Exorcism of Emily Rose

For something I thought was going to be "just another horror flick," The Exorcism of Emily Rose, brought not only an uncanny plot but a slightly intellectual approach that forces the viewer to examine his/her own spiritual beliefs.

Emily Rose, an enthusiastic young woman with a close relationship to the Roman Catholic Church, starts her first semester at a university in the Midwest. In a chilling dorm room scene, the once articulate and bright girl is possessed by demons. The seeming possession forces Emily out of school and back home.

After attempts with doctors to cure her of her seizure-like episodes and psychotic breakdowns, Emily turns to her beloved priest, Father Moore. Together the two, along with family members, perform an exorcism that only leaves Emily weak and defeated. Two days later Emily is found dead.

The movie follows the trial of Father Moore, who is convicted of the negligent homicide of Emily Rose. The case is full of flashbacks: eerie descriptions of Emily's possession and the graphic exorcism. Viewers are forced into the courtroom drama and will find themselves switching sides quite often. Was Emily really possessed, or did she have epilepsy? Could the doctors have cured her with a common prescription drug or was Father Moore correct in his decision to force the demons out of Emily's body?

Bottom line: the movie might leave you uneasy but the fact that this particular movie was based on a true story is even more unnerving. You'll find yourself sitting in the theater with your eyes shut, forcing yourself to accept this horrific truth, the whole while saying, "It's not true, this doesn't happen in real life!"