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Movie Recommendations: Modern Valentine’s Day

“Stuck In Love” (2012)

This romantic comedy drama features Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, Greg Kenner and Logan Lerman. In this movie, a creative family is torn apart by the betrayal of infidelity. The narration shifts between the successful novelist father pining for his ex-wife, the newly published novelist daughter avoiding her mother and commitment like the plague, and the high school poet son navigating a first relationship with unforeseen difficulties. With Tim Orr at the helm of cinematography and a quality musical background thanks to Mike Mogis and Nate Walcott, this film is a great choice for Netflix on Valentine’s Day whether you’re alone or not.

“Obvious Child” (2014)

“Obvious Child” is a fresh romantic comedy set in New York, written and directed by Gillian Robespierre. In this debut film, Jewish rising stand up star Donna Stern (played by comedian Jenny Slate) is as awkwardly energetic as she is lively. Struggling emotionally after a break-up, Donna meets and unexpectedly hits it off with the responsible Mid-West transplant Max. This meeting results in an unplanned pregnancy, hand-warmed butter, and a Planned Parenthood appointment set for Valentine’s Day. Robespierre is vocal about her inspiration for the film coming from her frustration with what she called a “misrepresentation of women on screen when it came to unplanned pregnancy,” in films such as “Juno” (2007), “Knocked Up” (2007) and “Waitress” (2007) in an interview with Megan Angelo of The New York Times in 2015. Tackling large subjects with humor and honesty, Slate delivers her role with zany realism and vulnerability. This award-winning film is available on iTunes for rent ($3.99 for standard definition or $4.99 for high definition) and to own ($12.99 SD or $14.99 HD).

Other recommendations include “Night Catches Us” (2010) and “Take Care” (2014) on Netflix. Don’t forget that “Deadpool” (2016) hit theaters Friday Feb. 12, 2016!