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Movie Recommendation: Mercedes Sosa

In the award winning documentary “Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America,” currently on Netflix instant watch, the life of the Argentinian musician is woven together with clips from her performances and interviews with footage of her friends and family.

The strength of Sosa’s otherworldly voice shines throughout the piece, illustrating in artistic detail how she raised the spirits of indigenous and working class people across Latin America. Her humorous and calming interviews show the audience the euphoric courage of the hope she spread across nations under tyranny, and gave voice to the deep isolation of exile and renown.  

“Mercedes Sosa: The Voice of Latin America” is a work of art in its composition. The vivid sound paired with alternately brilliant and haunting tones and the intimacy of Sosa’s voiceovers are melded to conversations with such a natural discourse that it seems she is among the interviewees, speaking of the beauty of music within the frame of anxiety and persecution. The narrative of the film positions the audience at her knee, listening to her speaking wisdom and singing magic, sharing her intense shyness and bravery for the sake of a fierce love for her own and other people.

If you’d like to keep a theme of musical films going, “Selena” (1997) is being shown Thursday night, September 17th from 8 PM-10 PM on Holmgren Meadow. Other recommendations on the entertainment spectrum for Latin American Heritage Month include “Even the Rain” (2010) and the animated “Chico & Rita” (2010) on Netflix instant watch.