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Mills College Repertory Dance Company Lights up Lisser Hall in 22nd Annual Concert

The lights heated up in the Lisser Hall Saturday night when Mills College Repertory Dance Company put on their 22nd annual fall concert.

THe concert served up variety of dances from traditional to interpretive and from comical to intense, with a total of five performances in all.

The show opened up with A Weft of Silver Threads, a choreographed by Anne Westwick, a dance progessor at Mills.  

The performance was flowing and graceful. The 1920s rthymic music only added more spirit to the number.

The third performance,  Orbit, Eddy and Undertow, choreographed by Mills progessor Kathleen McClintock, was distinctive in that the music was compiled of plethora of percussion instruments.  The costumes were sleek and colorful and the dancing was slow and interpretive.

Sophomore Jamine Newton enjoyed all the dancing. " It was really entertaining and pretty," she said. "Orbit, Eddy and Undertow, the third performance, had a lot of work put into it, you can tell."

Stage manager Liz Bootz said, " I got to sit back and watch everything, so I can't really say that one performance was better than the other.  They are all so different, but they were all great."

The highlight performace of the concert was Cote Jardin, receiving rave reviews from both the audience and the dancers.  The collage of dancers and movements was set to the piano and violin performances of Phyllis Karmin and Judith F. Rosenberg.

First year graduate student Sonsheree Giles, a dancer in the piece, said, "It was challenging but fun and ther was a nice connection with the other dancers.  And it's always good to dance with live music."

Marcus Hayes, second year MFA graduate student, said even though it was a hard deciion, Cote Jardin was his favorite number. " I really like Sonja's use of groups and antiphony, which is a structural device used in dance."

The comany had been practicing and gettting ready for the concert since last week in August.  Cory Cotrel, a senior dance major, said, "We've been training eight hours a week, for the past three months."